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Technical questions

The E85 EcoFuelBox or Ethanol Flex E85 Ethanol conversion boxes could be installed on 95% of petrol vehicles manufactured after 1998.

IMPORTANT !  Our E85 kits are not compatible with:

- Carburetor engines
- Single-point engines
- K-Jetronic engines
- Direct injection engines (TCe, FSI, TFSI, DGI, THP...)
- Vehicles fitted with low impedance injectors (2-4 Ohm)

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.
A member of our customer support team will respond to you within 24 hours maximum.

Not at all.
EcoFuelBox® and Ethanol Flex E85® kits allows your engine to accept all varieties of fuel blends: pure bioethanol, ethanol / gasoline mixture (in any proportions), or pure gasoline.

No additional tank is necessary, the miscibility of ethanol and unleaded petrol 95/98 being perfect.
The EcoFuelBox® ethanol kit offers the best of the technology available for electronic control units of this type, and it instantly and precisely determines the exact composition of the fuel used.

After determining the exact proportion of bioethanol in your fuel, the kit will optimize the air/fuel ratio, and controls the injection of the necessary amount of fuel to allow complete combustion, ensuring economy and reliability of the engine.


The Ethanol Flex E85® or EcoFuelBox® kit is very easy to install ant generally takes less than 30 minutes.
It is therefore very easy to install the kit by following the simple procedure described in the illustrated installation guide supplied with your kit.

A simple connection to the injectors wire-harness on your vehicle is enough to install the Ethanol Flex E85® or EcoFuelBox® conversion kit.

There is no mechanical modification of the vehicle. There are no wires to cut or solder; if you prefer, you can ask your garage or one of our partner garages to perform the installation.
After installation, your vehicle can run on E85 bioethanol, Super 95/98 or a mixture of these fuels. The kit can be dismantled without leaving a trace. 

The Ethanol Flex E85® eu EcoFuelBox® kit is a top-of-the-range, latest generation E85 ethanol kit based on Flex Fuel technology and featuring the all-new “Cold Fire” technology ensuring start-up in cold weather.

During the winter, most of the fuel producers adds 5-10% of gasoline to the "winter blend" of ethanol E85.

However, if under the temperatures below zero degrees, you encounter problem with the cold start, we suggest you to add approximately 10% of gasoline during the tank refill. This will drastically help your car with the cold startto facilitate cold start.

Please note, that the addition of 10% gasoline in to the tank filled with ethanol, during the winder, is strongly recommended even for the original Flex-Fuel cars.

Yes, because ethanol offers less energy per liter than gasoline does.
The consumption can therefore increase slightly, on average from 8 up to 12%.

Here are few examples illustrating the annual fuel cost without E85 kit, and annual savings with our E85 Ethanol conversion kit.

The octane rating of bioethanol (108) is higher than that of most gasolines and with our conversion kit installed, your vehicle will run at least at the original horsepower (as on gasoline).

In most cases, users see a slight gain in engine power of around 5%.
Moreover, your vehicle's engine will run much smoother and engine noise will be less noticeable.

Payments and delivery

I would like to pay by banking card, but I only see paypal and bank transfer payment methods.
How could I pay by banking card?

Of course, you can pay by credit card. PayPal is a payment gateway. We use it because it is a secure and ultra-fast payment gateway. You do not need to have a PayPal account and you can pay by credit card by following these instructions.