Ethanol E85 Kit , Kit E85, Flex Fuel Kit, Bioethanol Kit

ETHANOL FLEX - Ethanol E85 Conversion kit is a truly economical and ecological solution.

Ethanol Flex® (Made in France) is a E85 Ethanol conversion kit which uses the latest technologies allowing you to enjoy the benefits of ethanol fuel while keeping your current vehicle, an save up to -40% of your fuel budget at each tank fill. Ethanol Flex® ethanol kits are new generation, high quality fully automatic E85 ethanol conversion kits (Fex Fuel Kts)

Our Flex Fuel Ethanol kits E85 are widely used worldwide. They also called : Boitiers Ethanol E85 In France, Etanoli RE85 muutossarja In Finland, Sada Ethanol E85 in Czech Republic, เอทานอลชุด e85 kit in Thailand, however the most common name is Ethanol Kit E85.

After having determined which type of fuel is in your car's fuel tank, the Ethanol Flex® microprocessor calculate and optimize the air/fuel ratio to assure a complete combustion guaranteeing economy and reliability of the engine.
Ethanol Flex® ethanol E85 conversion kits it's a result of many years of research and experimentation in the field.

The calibration of the kit take place immediately after the installation. Ethanol Flex® E85 Ethanol Kit incorporates a digital microprocessor(s) constantly interacting with the ECU of the vehicle and automatically check and adapts itself to used fuel type : E85,Ethanol, Unleaded gasoline or a mixture of two fuels, whatever the proportions are, by reading data from vehicle's ECU.

You should know, that with our conversion kits, you will be also able to run you car on regular petrol SP95, SP98, E10 or on any Ethanol / Gasoline blend, whatever the proportions are.
Our Ethanol Flex E85 kits are designed for fast installation without hassles within 25-30 minutes, so you don't need to pay car mechanic, to do the installation.